AMD Unveils Siena, A Lower Cost EPYC Family With Up to 64 Zen 4 Cores

AMD Unveils Siena, A Lower Cost EPYC Family With Up to 64 Zen 4 Cores

As part of AMD’s Financial Analyst Day 2022, AMD unveiled an updated server CPU roadmap up to and including 2024. Nestled within AMD’s latest server roadmap, it highlighted the Siena series, much like the Genoa (due Q4 2022), Bergamo (Due 1H 2023), and the Siena family from its 4th gen EPYC series are expected to land sometime in 2023. While roadmaps only give a glimpse of what is expected, they are used internally to plot and plan specific product groups and keep them on track for release.

The AMD Siena family of 4th generation EYPC processors are slightly different from Genoa and Genoa-X because Siena is primarily designed for the Edge and Telecommunication industries. Siena will feature up to 64 Zen 4 cores, and AMD states it will be a lower-cost platform in comparison to Genoa, Genoa-X, and Bergamo, all of which will be based on AMD’s Zen 4 core architecture and TSMC’s 5 nm and the even more highly optimized 4 nm process node.

AMD’s Siena family of EPYC 7004 products will likely be compatible with the SP5 platform that launches alongside Genoa in Q4 2022. SP5 features support twelve channels of DDR5 memory and PCIe 5.0 lanes, but it is unclear how AMD intends to package its Siena family in terms of die layout or whether it will feature a cut-down feature set to make it more affordable. 

We expect AMD to unveil more about Siena soon, and AMD states that Siena will be coming sometime in 2023.

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