AMD Updates Ryzen Embedded Series, R2000 Series With up to Four Cores and Eight Threads

AMD Updates Ryzen Embedded Series, R2000 Series With up to Four Cores and Eight Threads

One area of AMD’s portfolio that perhaps doesn’t garner the same levels of attention as its desktop, mobile, and server products is its embedded business. In early 2020, AMD unveiled its Ryzen Embedded R1000 platform for the commercial and industrial sectors and the ever-growing IoT market, with low-powered processors designed for low-profile systems to satisfy the mid-range of the market.

At Embedded World 2022 in Nuremberg, Germany, AMD has announced its next-generation of Ryzen Embedded SoCs, the R2000 series. Offering four different SKUs ranging from 2C/4T up to 4C/8T, which is double the core count of the previous generation, AMD claims that the R2000 series features up to 81% higher CPU and graphics performance.

The AMD Ryzen Embedded R2000 Series compared to the previous generation (R1000), now has double the core count, with a generational swing from Zen to the more efficient and higher performance Zen+ cores. All four SKUs announced feature a configurable TDP, with the top SKU, the R2544, operating at between 35 and 54 W. More in line with the lower power target of these SoCs, the bottom SKU (R2312) has a configurable TDP of between 12 and 35 W.

AMD Ryzen Embedded R2000-Series APUs
AnandTech Core/


Freq (MHz)
1T Boost

Freq (MHz)







R2544 4 8 3350 3700 DDR4-3200 2 MB 4 MB 8 35-54 October 22
R2514 4 8 2100 3700 DDR4-2667 2 MB 4 MB 8 12-35 October 22
R2314 4 4 2100 3500 DDR4-2667 2 MB 4 MB 6 12-35 In Production
R2312 2 4 2700 3500 DDR4-2400 1 MB 2 MB 3 12-25 In Production

Another element delivering additional performance compared to the previous generation is better iGPU performance via increasing the number of Radeon Vega graphics compute units. The entry R2312 SKU comes with 3 CUs, while the R2544 comes with 8 CUs. The Ryzen Embedded R2000 series also benefits from newer video decode and display processor blocks, bringing support for decoding 4Kp60 video and driving up to three 4K displays.

AMD has also equipped the SoCs with 16 PCIe Gen 3 lanes on the R2314, R2514, and R2544 SKUs, while the R2312 gets eight. The R2000 series has support for two SATA 3.0 ports, up to six USB ports with a mixture of USB 3.2 G2 and USB 2.0, and OS support for Microsoft Windows 11/10 and Linux Ubuntu LTS. 

The application benefits of AMD’s Ryzen Embedded R2000 series include the commercial and industrial sectors, as well as robotics, with a planned product availability of up to 10 years, ensuring a long life cycle for each product. Some of AMD’s Ryzen Embedded R2000’s Ecosystem partners include Advantech for its gaming and gambling machines, as well as DFI, IBASE, and Sapphire, so these new SoCs are already being adopted and planned into existing thin-client and small form factor systems.

AMD states that the Ryzen Embedded R2544 (4C/8T) and R2514 (4C/8T) will be available sometime in October 22, while the R2314 and R2312 SKUs are currently in production.

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