Celebrating AnandTech’s 20th Anniversary: 1997 – 2017

This morning we’re celebrating a rather special occasion over here at AnandTech: our 20th anniversary. Though in a lot of ways it seems like the years have gone by in a flash, the calendar doesn’t lie: it means we’ve now been doing this for two decades, starting from a quaint CPU review in 1997 and branching out to oh so much more by 2017.

For the start of AnandTech’s 21st year in the technology news business, I’d like to commemorate the occasion with a look back at what we’ve done, a brief look forward at where we’re going next, and finally, thank the many readers and groups out there who have made it possible. I’m also happy to announce that we’re launching our largest hardware giveaway ever: over the next 20 days we'll be giving away hardware to celebrate our 20 years in business. So you'll want to check back daily for new giveaways.