ECS LIVA x2 Review: A Compact & Fanless Braswell PC

The popularity of the NUC form factor has led to a resurgence in the nettop category. Thankfully, the core computing performance of the new systems have been miles ahead of the nettops of the past, and this has created an overall positive sentiment for the ultra-compact form factor (UCFF) in the minds of the consumers. ECS has been attempting to differentiate in the UCFF space with fanless systems using Mini Lake boards and custom-designed chassis in their LIVA series. The feature set and pricing of the LIVA units make it target the developing and cost-sensitive markets. We have already reviewed two of their Bay Trail-based systems, the original LIVA and the LIVA X. Read on to find out what ECS manages to deliver with the Braswell-based LIVA x2.