GIGABYTE BRIX Gaming UHD GB-BNi7HG4-950 mini-PC Review

The PC market has been subject to challenges over the last several years. However, gaming systems and small form-factor (SFF) PCs have weathered the storm particularly well. Many vendors have tried to combine the two, but space constraints and power concerns have ended up limiting the gaming performance of such systems. GIGABYTE, in particular, has been very active in this space with their BRIX Gaming SFF PCs. The BRIX Gaming UHD GB-BNi7HG4-950 that we are reviewing today is the result of GIGABYTE going back to the drawing board with the feedback from the 2014 BRIX Gaming BXi5G-760. The GB-BNi7HG4-950 uses a Maxwell (GM206M) GPU that supports four 4Kp60 displays simultaneously, allowing it to be marketed with the UHD (4K) tag. The redesigned thermal solution and the updated chassis design seem to have addressed all the shortcomings of the BXi5G-760. Read on to find out how the unit performs in our rigorous benchmarking and evaluation process.