HP ZBook 14 Review: Mobile Workstation Meets Ultrabook

What do you get when you cross an Ultrabook with enterprise features including an optional professional OpenGL GPU? This is apparently the question HP's engineers were asking, and the result is the ZBook 14. We haven't seen many Ultrabooks with discrete graphics so far, which isn't too surprising considering the thin chassis designs and the need to keep everything running cool. Needless to say, if you're hoping for a high-end GPU in an Ultrabook, that's not happening right now, but HP has included an AMD FirePro M4100 FireGL V graphics solution, an entry-level dGPU solution, but as a member of the FirePro family it comes with drivers that have a few extra features unlocked. If you want a thin and light laptop (Ultrabook) but still want access to a professional level GPU, this is basically the only option right now. Read on for our full review.