Humble #10 and a New Weekly Bundle

Humble #10 and a New Weekly Bundle

We’re getting a few more games for day number 10, though still nowhere near the 8+ games we’ve seen in some bundles. Today also sees a return (or continuance) of indie games, including one set of games that are trying to get the green light on Steam. Here’s the quick rundown of the games:

  • Soulcaster I and II (N/A, 02/2012): the first two games are a hybrid tower defense gameplay with a dash of Gauntlet-style action, with a smattering of RPG elements for good measure. First seen in early 2012 and later in a couple of bundles, it’s a bit odd that they’re still not listed on Metacritic. Any donation will get you the pair of games. Other than the soundtracks to these games, all of the other offerings in this bundle require a higher donation.
  • Escape Goat 2 (76%, 03/2014): the sequel to the mostly unreviewed Escape Goat, this is a puzzle/platformer game that puts you in charge of a goat; donate $6 or more to unlock.
  • Incredipede (74%, 10/2012): this puzzle game involves the creation of an “incredipede” by adding legs, muscles, and other body parts to your creature to progress through the levels; pay more than the average ($6.17 right now) to unlock.
  • Ironclad Tactics (69%, 09/2013): a strategy/tactical game involving cards set in a steampunk alternate history of the Civil War period; donate $10 or more to unlock.

The combined price for all five games in the bundle comes to $43, so if you want any/all of the games it’s a decent offering, but I have to admit that the new “$10 or higher” tiers of late have been disappointing to me. Those who have been inclined to donate more have always had that option, but now you’re basically required to “give”. I also prefer to get more than three or four games, simply because my experience is that only half (or less) of them are really worth my time. Hopefully we’ll see a return to “normal” bundles in the future, as the daily updates are too frequent, and often not all that interesting. Thankfully, the weekly bundles have at least had a bit more to offer, and the latest includes up to seven games, courtesy of Triumph and Larian:

  • Age of Wonders (~88%, 10/1999): an “oldie but goodie” turn-based strategy game with heroes, similar in some ways to the Heroes of Might and Magic series.
  • Age of Wonders II: The Wizard’s Throne (86%, 06/2002): in many ways a rehash of the first game, so the main draw here is a new story; $6 donation to unlock.
  • Age of Wonders: Shadow Magic (82%, 07/2003): similar to the earlier entries in the series, but with the new Shadow World, new races, and a new story.
  • Divine Divinity (81%, 09/2002): a now classic RPG game with a bit more depth than Diablo; don’t let the name fool you as it’s actually pretty good (if old).
  • Beyond Divinity (73%, 04/2004): an epic (80+ hours) RPG that adds new gameplay elements and a somewhat humorous story to the Divinity world – and it fixes the name problem.
  • Divinity II: Developer’s Cut (~82%, 10/2012): this retooled and remastered version of Divinity II (now in 3D!) includes the original Ego Draconis, Flames of Vengeance, and the Dragon Knight Saga; you also get access to the developer console, hence the name. Requires $6 or higher donation.
  • Divinity: Dragon Commander (76%, 08/2013): the series continues, but the final part of this bundle is a 3D hybrid game with RPG, RTS, and other battle aspects. A $15 or higher donation unlocks this game.

As you can probably guess, I’d be much more inclined to buy the new Humble Weekly, as it gives you more games – and arguably better games – than the current daily bundle, though the $15 tier for Dragon Commander is a bit much. I’ve already played and owned many of the games in this bundle, and I’m still tempted to grab them again – only this time on Steam so that I can consolidate them into my gaming library without having to try and find the old discs. Maybe if we’re lucky the final few days of bundles will be a bit more enticing.