ioSafe 1513+ Review: A Disaster-Resistant Synology DS1513+

The 3-2-1 data backup strategy involves keeping three copies of all essential data, spread over at least two different devices with at least one of them being off-site or disaster-resistant in some way. It is almost impossible to keep copies of large frequently updated data sets current in an off-site data backup strategy. This is where ioSafe's disaster-resistant units come into the picture. Products such as the SoloPRO and the ioSafe N2 show how ioSafe has continued to innovate in this space. The ioSafe 1513+ is their most ambitious product to date, attempting to place Synology's most powerful 5-bay NAS unit inside a fire- and waterproof package. Read on for a closer look at the hardware and performance of the unit.