MSI GT72 Dominator Pro Review: GTX 980M Reigns Supreme

When it comes to high-end gaming notebooks, there are only a few real competitors: Alienware, ASUS, Clevo (under various brand names), and MSI are the main options, with a few others like Razer and Gigabyte offering second tier performance (e.g. not the 880M or 980M, but instead dropping one step to the 870M and 970M). The NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980M officially launched in the first half of October, and while we’ve provided a performance preview with the MSI GT72 as well as a detailed look at BatteryBoost, it’s now time to bring it all together with a full review. There’s little doubt that the GTX 980M is currently the fastest mobile GPU, but how does the MSI GT72 handle other tasks, and is this finally an MSI notebook we can recommend without any reservations? Read on for our in-depth review.