Samsung SM951-NVMe (256GB) PCIe SSD Review

Samsung has always been an early adopter in the SSD space. The company was the first one on the market with a PCIe 2.0 x4 M.2 SSD the (XP941) back in late 2013, and before that it was the first one to adopt TLC NAND in 2012. Earlier this year Samsung's second generation client PCIe drive, the SM951, made an appearance in a Lenovo laptop, but to everyone's surprise the drive wasn't NVMe compatible like Samsung had announced earlier. That turned out to be only temporary as a few months later Ganesh discovered an NVMe-enabled SM951 inside an Intel NUC, which we have now put through our extensive SSD test suite. Can NVMe and the SM951 live up to the hype? Read on and find out!