Samsung SSD 850 EVO (120GB, 250GB, 500GB & 1TB) Review

Samsung hasn't stopped impressing me in the SSD space. The early Samsung SSDs weren't very good, but ever since the introduction of the SSD 830 Samsung has been doing a brilliant job and has been setting the bar for performance, cost and reliability. The SSD 840 specifically showed what properly executed vertical integration can really do as Samsung was the first manufacturer to utilize TLC NAND in a client SSD. Two years later Samsung wowed us by introducing world's first SSD with 3D NAND, the SSD 850 Pro, and today Samsung is presenting the TLC flavored V-NAND SSD, more commonly known as the SSD 850 EVO. Read on to find out whether the 850 EVO is as much of a beast as its big brother is!