Samsung SSD XP941 Review: The PCIe Era Is Here

For most of the last decade, SATA has been the dominant interface in the consumer storage space. As long as hard drives were the major media for storage, SATA provided everything that the industry needed. It was fast, efficient and low in cost. But that all changed when SSDs entered the market. With NAND, the storage media was no longer the bottleneck; it was the interface. The industry had to find a way to satisfy the constantly growing need for bandwidth and the obvious solution was PCIe. Samsung was the first to the market in 2013 with their XP941 but instead of selling it to everyone, Samsung limited it to OEMs. After months of battling, we finally got a review sample and put the XP941 through our normal suite of tests. Read on to find out how fast you can go with the XP941 and PCIe!