SanDisk Extreme Pro SSD (240GB, 480GB & 960GB) Review: The Fastest Just Got Faster

The SSD market is currently going through the biggest change in its history. Ever since consumer SSDs started appearing around 2006, SATA has been the dominant interface, but now that is about to change. With PCIe and NVMe making their way into the consumer space, SATA will sooner than later become obsolete, at least for high performance SSDs. But widespread adoption of PCIe is still roughly a year away, so in the meantime we have to play by the rules of SATA. Sequential performance has been bottlenecked by SATA for a few years now but manufacturers did not start paying attention to IO consistency until a couple of years ago, which is an essential part of real world performance. With the Extreme II, SanDisk did an excellent job with performance consistency and now they have taken the same recipe with added tweaks; read on to find out if the Extreme Pro can live up to its name.