SilverStone NightJar NJ520 Power Supply Review

Most PCs don't require a massive power supply capable of 750W or more sustained output, and even the 500-550W models can be overkill for many users. Today we'll be looking at he Silverstone Nightjar 520W power supply, a PSU with a moderate power output but a very distinct feature: it's completely fanless. Fanless PSUs aren't a new idea, but advances in technology have taken them from expensive and rather esoteric devices to modern designs that are more reasonable. The Silverstone Nightjar 520W retails for $139.99 including shipping (after rebate), a steep price for a 520W unit even if it is 80Plus Platinum certified, but that's due in large part to its fanless nature. Does it perform well enough to justify such a price? We'll find out in this review.