The Enermax PlatiGemini 1200W ATX 3.1 + ATX12VO PSU Review: The Swiss Army Knife

In the retail PC PSU space, most of the focus on new standards and their capabilities in the past couple of years has been on ATX 3.0 and it’s quick follow-up successor, ATX 3.1. And while the revised ATX standard is certainly the most important new standard for the rank-and-file PC builder, it’s not the only standard that has been released as of late. Intel and its partners have also developed a standard, that in some respects, goes even farther out by dropping some of the legacy aspects of ATX and its increasingly esoteric secondary voltages: ATX12VO.

Short for “ATX 12 Volts Only”, ATX12VO is a standard that’s been slower to take off as it makes a pretty hard break with backwards compatibility. But with so many motherboard functions running off of 12V (CPUs and GPUs, for a start), the need for a PSU to provide secondary voltages like 3.3V and 5V just aren’t what they once were 20 years ago – or even 10. So we’ve slowly seen PC manufacturers and motherboard makers test the waters, with a handful of designs using the more petite ATX standard.

Meanwhile on the power supply side of things, the outcome has been a bit more interesting, if messy. While ATX12VO motherboards need matching PSUs, there’s nothing to say that such a PSU can only be ATX12VO. To reference an ancient meme, the thought at some PSU manufacturers has been “why not both?”, leading to high-end PSUs that can bridge the compatibility gap by offering both ATX 3.1 and ATX12VO compatibility.

The first example of such a PSU to make it in our labs is Enermax’s new PlatiGemini 1200W PSU. Designed to be the Swiss knife of modern top-tier PCs, Enermax’s PSU offers support for both ATX 3.1 and ATX12VO – ensuring it can power virtually any PC – while driving both modes with a sizeable 1200W design that can pretty much power virtually any desktop PC one can hope to build today. Plus, with features like fully modular cables with per-wire sleeving, a dynamic hybrid fan control for optimal cooling, and advanced power topologies, the PlatiGemini 1200W aims to deliver both reliability and performance on top of its multi-mode compatibility. The end result is a very interesting (if premium) product that can do it all.

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