The Geometric Future Eskimo Junior 36 AIO Cooler Review: Subdued Minimalism

Today we’re looking at a all-in-one closed loop cooler from a face that’s new to AnandTech: Geometric Future. Founded in 2020, Geometric Future is a PC components manufacturer with a goal of setting themselves apart in the crowded PC marketplace by redefining modern aesthetics. Their approach to design emphasizes the application of geometric elements and minimalist philosophy, as reflected in their slogan, “Simplify”. They regard themselves as a potential future backbone in China’s design industry, starting with a small step in the IT sector.

For such a new company, Geometric Future has already made significant strides in the realm of PC power and cooling products. One of their most notable products – and what we’re reviewing today – is the Eskimo Junior 36, an all-in-one CPU liquid cooler available in 240mm and 360mm sizes. This cooler is designed with a minimalist aesthetic in mind, featuring a simplistic CPU block and equipped with high-performance Squama 2503 fans. Geometric Future pitches the Eskimo Junior 36 as being engineered to provide an optimal balance of cooling efficiency and aesthetics, making it able to achieve excellent cooling capabilities while maintaining low noise levels.

But marketing claims aside, we shall see where it stands in today’s highly competitive market in this review.

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