The iOS 8 Review

Another year has passed and like clockwork Apple has released a new iPhone and a new version of iOS to accompany it. Our reviews of both new iPhones will be coming soon, with a look at new iOS features specific to those devices like ApplePay, but with iOS 8 rolling out today to millions of existing iOS users across the iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch, it's worth taking a look at what Apple is bringing to the users that are already in the iOS ecosystem. The eighth iteration of Apple's mobile operating system brings some new features, and while on the surface it may appear quite similar to iOS 7, under the hood the changes are quite significant. If iOS 7 was the biggest update for users in the seven years since the iPhone and iOS first appeared, then iOS 8 is the biggest update for developers since the launch of iOS 2.0 and the App Store. Read on for our full review.