The Lian Li EDGE EG1000 1000W ATX 3.1 PSU Review: Power On The Edge

Lian Li Industrial Co., Ltd., established in 1983, is a Taiwanese company specializing in the manufacture of computer cases, power supplies, and accessories. They are one of the oldest players in the PC market and are known for their focus on aluminum-based designs. Lian Li produces a range of products aimed at both consumer and industrial markets, with the company’s offerings including mid-tower and full-tower cases and more compact cases for smaller builds. Amongst consumers and PC enthusiasts, Lian Li’s products are recognized for their build quality, modularity, and innovative features, catering to a diverse set of needs in the PC building community.

This review focuses on the latest addition to Lian Li’s PSU lineup: the EG1000 Platinum ATX 3.1 PSU. This power supply unit partially complies with the ATX 3.1 design guide (the paragraphs related to electrical quality and performance). It is designed to meet the demanding requirements of modern gaming PCs, with its specifications indicating good efficiency and robust power delivery. Featuring fully modular cables with individually sleeved wires, dynamic fan control for optimal cooling, and advanced internal topologies, the EG1000 Platinum aims to provide both reliability and performance. However, behind its long list of features, the highlight of the EG1000 Platinum is the shape of the chassis itself, which forgoes the ATX cuboid shape and standard length.

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