The Rosewill Hive 850W PSU Review

Most of our US and Canada based readers are likely familiar with Rosewill. The company started as a subsidiary of Newegg and they were initially focused on producing simple bits and hardware at competitive prices. As the company grew larger and diversified into other segments of the market, they eventually fledged into a stand-alone manufacturer, with myriads of products filling their ranks and exports outside of the North American markets. Our latest review of their products was that of the Photon 1050W PSU a few months ago.

Today we are having a look at another one of their PSUs, the Hive 850W. The Hive is an 80Plus Bronze certified semi-modular PSU designed to impress mainstream users with its competitive price tag, all the while delivering plenty of power for higher-end gaming systems, which makes the PSU an interesting intersection between value and high-power performance.