WD Red Pro Review: 4 TB Drives for NAS Systems Benchmarked

A couple of weeks back, Western Digital updated their NAS-specific drive lineup with 5 and 6 TB Red drives. In addition, 7200 RPM Red Pro models with 2 – 4 TB capacities were also introduced. We have already looked at the performance of the WD Red, and it now time for us to take the WD Red Pro for a spin. In our 4 TB NAS drive roundup from last year, we also indicated that efforts would be taken to add more drives to the mix along with an updated benchmarking scheme involving RAID-5 volumes. The Red Pro gives us an opportunity to keep our word. Read on for our comparison of 10 different 4 TB hard drives (both consumer NAS-specific, as well as nearline units) targeting the NAS market.